Sneak peek of my new project! It’ll be up and running this Friday for anyone who is interested in following from Day One.
Thanks to my sister Sadie, for letting me scan her face over 10 times.

Hello All!

Sorry my tumblr has been so static recently, I’ve been hard at work doing 500 other things.

This Friday, I will be launching a long term project that I have been working on for several weeks.  It utilizes 3D scanning and digital technologies such as Maya, which I am fairly unfamiliar with.  The purpose of the project will be to expand my own knowledge in these fields while creating work along the way.  It will be updated weekly on Friday evenings and  I’ll post some teaser images before the real deal launches.  I am very excited for this, it’s been cooking in my brain for a while and it’s thrilling to see in starting to take form in reality.  It will most likely exist as a side blog and I will post a link to it in case anyone is interested in following the progress.

Special thanks to my sister, Sadie, for letting me use her as a test subject for this project (this will make sense later, I promise).

Thank-you all for your love and support! Super excited to launch this thing.


Gender Power, 2014
Waveform, 2014
Shade, 2014
Griffin Miller
Scape, 2014
Griffin Miller
Hello Everyone.
This is a poster I designed for a student group that a fellow artist and printmaker Jessica Cadwell and I are running together at SAIC.  The group is an open forum based and revolves around issues of sexuality and how these definitive forms of identification can have a large effect on how we as humans transverse spaces and places.  These discussions will culminate in the form of a publication at the end of the semester.  
You should check out Jessica’s tumblr here!Also, here is a link to the group’s facebook if you want to receive updates about submissions and such.  You can always just message me, or e-mail me at
Mist, 2014
Griffin Miller
Infection, 2014
Digital Image Comparison
Griffin Miller
Champ, 2014
Griffin Miller